leaving...not looking back

So graduation was just monday....it seems like yesterday that we were starting high school, and now it seems like tomorrow we will be entering college and starting new lives. But, I dont believe anyone's disappointed about going off to college and experiencing all the positive things that come with college life, such as no parents, parties, no curfew, great food, new people, and just overall freedom. Here's a look at how the weekend went. Note, I got the nikon in middle of weekend, sooo I wasn't able to snap photos at a buncha other grad parties.



So I was reading SNEAKERFILES and came across these.
Vans will be releasing Checkerboard additions of their Era line this year...and as we here at the Mechanical Pencil are sole supporters of VANS, I will be tempted to buy a couple pairs. Be on the lookout.

P.S. Graduation pictures coming soon :)


Yes, I know its been a while...but I've decided I'm not gonna let a broken camera, and laziness prevent me writing on this. Graduation is approaching rapidly...college is only months away, and because we won't be going to beach week like the 61164311641 other kids in our county...the only thing on our mind is MONEY.

Trying to find a job in this rough economy has proved to be very difficult. It seems like everywhere I go, I hear the same lines: "We are accepting applications, but we're not hiring at the moment." WTF!?! So the best way to make money when no one is hiring, is to sell crack...right? no, I've decided I'm going to start desinging tshirts again. Everyone be on the lookout.