Damn, Another Funny Clip!! BAM! drawer fulla kool-aid


Just saw these at THE HUNDREDS and thought they were pretty nice. Some pretty nice collabos with 10 deep and Crooks & Castles for the hundreds 5th anniversary. THE HUNDREDS IS HUGE


Deeply Saddened

Soo feb. 18, 2009 was a very depressing day in the life of the mechanical pencil because my camera (JG) broke. I was in the process of capturing a precious moment...when the person knocked the camera out of my hand and annihilated the lens. Now the blog may be running a little slow..unless our fellow blogger over at sparechange (http://sparechange09.blogspot.com) lets us use the nikon :). Don't be discouraged though...we will find a way to keep you up to date with every thats interesting. PEACE


am i really like that?

Dear fans (from JG),
Today I arrived at school and was cool, calm, and collected, as I had just come off of a fun-filled/relaxing weekend. During my government class I must say I was quieter than usual, but it was not because I was upset or sad about anything. A couple of my friends thought that I was in a bad mood because I wasn't joking/fighting with them lol. This made me wonderm..is my personality really like that? Do you guys really see me as a loud, outgoing, joking person. Because whenever I'm quiet...the world thinks something is wrong. Share your thoughts.


Weekend Randoms

Bail Bonds Inc.

CRAIG SAGER (walka jabbeez?)

Old as he is...shaq can still move. This was definitely the highlight of the all-star weekend.
This man is definitely one of the more outgoing sportscasters...but dang man get ya facts straight.



Serving as an assistant coach for the sophmore/rookie challenge, dwade rocks a nice yellow cardigan, polka dot bow tie, clean frames, and some classy shoes.Lebron James sporting a nice scarf in one of his all-star weekend portraits.If you didn't already hear...allen iverson cut his hair and went for a cleaner, grown man look. Makes me remember the old days when he played at georgetown/early 76ers.PEACE!!!



<3 emily and holley


Business Management

So business management is very productive...we play the stock market game...learn different business concepts...browse the web...and play in Microsoft Paint.courtesy of Emily...also courtesy of Emilya lil something by holley (http://hallway09.blogspot.com)


My Latest Theme Song

I don't know why, but I just realized how much I love the Price is Right Theme Song!!! :) It has been my obsession for the past week or so...Imagine walking everywhere with it playing haha