All You Can Eat Pancakes

Hit ihop after our spanish exam with a couple of friends to enjoy the all you can eat pancakes. George went od with the butter. The manager was HILARIOUS...seriously. Jonee had terrible table manners lol...n marcus d n marcus g mooched off of me and jonee. That about wraps it up.

Espanol for ya Soul

Took a crucial spanish exam last week...the best part of that class were the pretty women in the spanish magazines and giffy stacking pencils : / lol. Take a look.


Slum Nights

When there is ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do...we usually hit up the boys basketball games at Stone Bridge. We were slick enough to dodge that $5 fee :/ lol
Marcus rockin his favorite hat.
After the game we hit up genies house...basically just to watch tv

DJ Paradice...coming soon

(peep the bright green walls in the room...and the graffiti art....n charlie murphy lol)



Hit up DJ G-Wiz (571-274-9407) if your trying to have a party, you need a beat, or you just want to holler at my mans lol.


Live every day like it's your last, because tomorrow's not promised.


56th Presidential Inauguration of the United States of America

Today was a day not about Barack Obama, but about the transformation of America both politcally and socially. We will stand by this great man, but also hold him accountable. We salute you Mr. President. Good Luck.