Good Look?

Now Teyana Taylor isn't necessarily my cup of tea...but I was just amused at this outfit she wore for this Married to the Mob photoshoot. Let me know what you think.




Ma I Dont Love Her

Cot Damn

Unfortunately they wont let me embed the "Kinda Like a Big Deal" video...FTW...but you get the idea....



This dude thought he was hard pulling a gun on these skaters...THINK AGAIN!

courtesy of WORLDSTAR

Lebron Dunked On?

The only reason this is so epic is because Lebron and Nike tried so hard to conceal this clip...but with all the technology it got leaked anyway. It happens to the best of us Lebron. SMH

courtesy of WORLDSTAR


Loco Chillin

Big ups to the homie Marcus for coming through this week with a TON of free zero's subs...and this man was thinking about quitting??? smh

Chillin at Shaqs crib...had to raid the kitchen after watching Madea Goes To Jail

Gotta keep it real with PS2...who needs an upgrade?

OG Fight Night

What yal know about board games? Cranium>Halo 1, 2, and 3 lmao

Lets see what the rest of summer holds....

It's About Time

So they finally let this man off house arrest...now the question is whether or not he should be able to return to the NFL, and if so, when. In my opinion, he shouldn't have gotten as much time as he did, and this shouldn't have taken so much attention from the media. While there are people being killed over dumber things, the media spends so much time criticizing vick for fighting dogs. I know its wrong, but the man aint hurt nobody. Anyways, just watch the video...

NOTICE: dude still getting fresh with the pradas on.


No Title Necessary

So Jordan Brand (JB) will be re-releasing these sexy things on Black Friday, November 27, 2009. Im looking to the future and I know Im gonna be in college going thru that financial struggle...but Im willing to drop whatever on these. I mean look at how good Mike makes em look.

*Info courtesy of NiceKicks and RealMangoJuice*